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Ashland launches a new RDP powder series, leading a new chapter in the re-dispersible latex powder market


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图片2Ashland Company has expanded its Aquapas Redispersible Latex Powder (RDP) series, including Aquapas M series RDP, Aquapas T series RDP, Aquapas HS-2098 RDP, and styrene acrylic-based Aquapas N7930 and Aquapas N7970 RDP. Ashland launched Aquapas RDP in 2011, along with Culminal ™ And Combizell ™ Cellulose ether and Ashland Aquatherm ™ Special water-soluble polymers are used together to provide enhanced adhesion, performance, and flexibility in dry powder mortar formulations. Ashland's RDP powder is used in various cement-based building applications, such as cement-based tile adhesives, external insulation and finishing systems (EIFS), paint and plaster, external and internal degreasing coatings, and repair mortar.

"This is another example of Ashland's originality. When used with our cellulose ether product line, Aquapas RDP improves the overall efficiency of dry mortar, reduces costs, and improves the final quality of construction projects," said Sandeep Rath, Global Marketing Manager for Ashland Specialty Materials. Ashland offers a wide range of cellulose ether and RDP product combinations, as well as other additives such as starch ether, defoamers, air entrainers, acrylates, and fungicides, as a complete solution to meet the needs of high-quality building applications.

RDP powder

(RDP powder)

RDP powder, a dispersible polymer powder, is a freely flowing water-soluble white powder.

The characteristics of RDP powder:

1. Redistributable: RDP powder can be dispersed in water to form a re-dispersible latex powder with high dispersibility during processing.

2. Stability: RDP powder is stable and performs well during long-term storage and transportation.

3. Low VOC: RDP powder is a low VOC (volatile organic compounds) product that is environmentally friendly.

4. High adhesion: RDP powder has high adhesion and can adhere to multifarious substrates, such as concrete, wood, glass, etc.

5. Easy construction: RDP powder has excellent construction performance and can be constructed under various conditions due to its good dispersibility and high adhesion.

RDP powder 2

(RDP powder)

Application of RDP Powder:

1. Construction industry: In the construction industry, RDP powder is mainly used as an additive in building coatings to improve their adhesion and durability. It can also be used as a thickener and stabilizer for building sealants.

2. Furniture manufacturing: In furniture manufacturing, RDP powder can be used as an additive in furniture coatings to improve their adhesion and durability.

3. Pipeline anti-corrosion: RDP powder can be used as an additive in pipeline anti-corrosion coatings to improve the anti-corrosion performance and durability of the coatings.

4. Road construction: In road construction, RDP powder can be used as an additive for road asphalt to improve its wear resistance and skid resistance.

5. Concrete protection: In the field of concrete protection, RDP powder can be used as an additive in concrete protection coatings to improve the adhesion and durability of the coatings.

RDP powder 1

(RDP powder)


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